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CESiaK offers beautiful, comfortable accommodations that operate up to our high environmental standards. The central kitchen and dining area were designed to maximize comfort while minimizing impact to the surrounding forest. This main building, including the learning center, was built on top of the abandoned concrete ruins of the site's former hotel.

From the central building, paths wind through the palm forest to the individual campsites. The sites boast spectacular views from their private patios as well as plenty of shade and cooling breezes. Raised on platforms to allow ecological and hydrological processes to continue, the spacious tents come fully furnished. Shared bathrooms are always clean and also have stunning views over water.

Guiding Principles of CESiaK's Design:

In Sian Ka'an, we live constantly in awareness of the wind and sun, they provide our electricity, climate control, and mark the passing of days and seasons. These are fundamental elements of our design. Using a combination of traditional building practices, contemporary architecture and high technology, we harness the power of the wind and sun to create year-round comfort in our common spaces and tents.

Build no more than necessary -- Where possible, we have tried to substitute natural landscape for plantings, and plantings for hard construction. Palms provide shade and protection from wind and views. Trees are also remarkably good for supporting hammocks.

Restore and maintain the coastal dune ecosystem -- The dune ecosystem maintains the boundary between sea and land. It protects the interior species from salt and wind and keeps the sand on beach where it belongs. Our tent platforms, raised above the ground on stilts, enable our guests to enjoy the sea breeze ventilation and stunning views while eliminating impact on the native vegetation and maintaining the sensitive ecological balance so that future generations can enjoy the natural beauty of this site.

Demonstrate practical environmental technology -- As part of every guest's experience, they will use, interact with, and become exposed to an array of environmentally benign technologies. Showers and sinks are flow with rainwater and the resulting greywater is recycled in a series of filters and re-utilized for flush toilets. Wastewater flows through the septic system and sculpted wetland garden, the effluent then flows through drip irrigation to nourish young seedlings. Reducing precious water consumption, our composting toilets produce natural fertilizer while providing the user with fabulous views over the spectacular inland lagoons.

Every path is a lesson, every building a classroom -- A fundamental goal of CESiaK is to teach without lecturing, allowing the experience to guide the guests along their path of learning, at their own pace, depth, and direction. We have carefully placed interpretive signage to educate without distracting from the experience or turning nature into a static museum. Guided tours and educational pamphlets are available for those who wish for more depth.

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