Intermittent Fasting Tips for Beginners

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As food becomes more of an issue that today’s people deal with on a regular basis rather than serving its function as the primary human need, new methods to approach the issue are urgently needed. Obesity, diabetes, and cholesterol are some of the examples of how food can turn into human’s biggest nightmare. The same phenomenon also leads to the new face of our society where modern techniques to get rid of the above problems become increasingly high in demands. Protein supplements, Thailand Weight Loss Retreat, and surgeries are some of the examples.

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However, nobody seems to mention intermittent fasting until the ancient wonder was re-discovered by scientists and nutritionists several years ago. The method proves effective and chemical-free, implying that it is indeed what people need to stay fit. In addition to the above explanation, most people find it hard to start the session, simply because they assume that the method equals starvation. It is, of course, a wrong statement. Although it does involve hours of fasting, it is different from starving due to the absence of food. If you are new in the subject and in need for a good push, below are several fasting tips for beginners that you can stick to.

Getting Started

four boxes of healthy mealsThe term intermittent fasting refers to a series of dietary programs with fasting as its core that aims to create a calorie deficit. There are three methods that people can use, and nutritionists usually refer to these methods as eating window. The three plans include the four-twenty, six-eighteen, and eight-sixteen. The four-twenty method implies a twenty-hour fasting period and four-hour eating period. In these four hours, all kinds of food are allowed, even those fatty meat or junk food, as long as it is served in normal-sized servings. The same rules apply to other fasting types.

Most people start executing the session by skipping breakfast and start eating at 12 pm. Although it may sound easy, beginners find it difficult to eat only four hours a day. For this reason, starting with the eight-sixteen plan is highly advisable since they only need to skip breakfast and still get a chance to enjoy their dinner. Then, they can upgrade their programs by trying the other methods.

The Fasting

One thing that makes this program bearable is that certain drinks are allowed while fasting. Unsweetened coffee, tea, and cold water are the only drinks for those in the fasting period. These beverages contain almost zero calories, making them the best choices to continue with the program. Many have testified that they soon notice a drastic change in how they look after executing the program for several weeks.