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Dedicated to the conservation of the invaluable Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve, CESiaK promotes greater awareness of this unique area through education programs and by modelling community-based, low-impact tourist activities.

Project Overview

The Centro Ecologico Sian Ka’an (CESiaK) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) created in the spring of 1998. Its goals match those of UNESCO’s "Man and the Biosphere" program. CESiaK focuses on environmental education as a means to encourage local understanding and support for the conservation of the Sian Ka'an Reserve. Over 750 local students in our program learn hands-on about their surrounding environment in addition to working on projects for its conservation. Our Ecological Center employs advanced systems of alternative energy like solar arrays and wind generators. It serves as an example of clean energy usage and information source for those interested in such systems. Similarly, CESiaK’s projects in residual water treatment and composting toilets also serve as informative examples of environmental consciousness for the Caribbean coast. Other projects include seasonal work with other authorized organizations on a sea turtle protection project that monitors populations during summer nesting times. In addition, there are two working native plant nurseries, one dedicated exclusively to coastal dune species (unique in the area), both with the goal of reforestation of native ecosystems. The internship program is geared toward students and recent graduates in conservation related fields from both Mexican and international universities who have an interest in ongoing projects. CESiaK’s ecotours focus on appreciation for the natural environment and strive to provide an informative introduction to the Reserve.

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Main office: Federal Road (307) Cancun-Tulum, #68 Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico. info@CESiaK.org