Three Reasons Why You Should Substitute Cigarettes with Vapes

puffing a e-cig

Vaping has become the dominant trend in the 21st century. Many boutique manufacturers are selling the parts of the vaping device and add some modification in their products to give the vapers a genuine smoking experience. And this new mass behavior is not without any precedence. People say that vaping is healthier than smoking but is it true?

Vapor Inhalation is Healthier than Smoking

a burning cigaretteCigarettes are notorious for damaging the lungs because the combustion process creates tar that mixes with the smoke. If you inhale it, you ingest the substance into your lungs. Later on, it will coat the cells in your lungs and cause them to wither and die. The result of this harm may be sudden to some people. Coughing is one of those symptoms. But to others, the problems will not appear until it is too late. Usually, long-time smokers will experience tar-related health diseases, such as bronchitis, emphysema, and even lung cancer.

Vaping, on the other hand, creates smoke that is a result of vaporization. People use a solution that is commonly known as e juice for vaping. It is commonly made of propylene glycol, glycerin, water, nicotine, and flavorings.

However, scientists are still not sure about the long-term effects of vaping. If you want to try vaping, at least, you must buy your liquid from a trusted e juice manufacturer. Ruthless Vapors, Bad Drip Labs, Marina Vape, Bazooka Vape, and Barista Brew Co are some examples of notable brands of e juice.

Vaping is More of a Social Ritual

Smoking used to be the means for an anxious person to break the ice in a conversation. Many socially successful people were depicted to hold cigarettes on their hands. And even celebrities and actors are not far from the tobacco rolls. However, as the younger generation has developed awareness about the danger of smoking, this habit seems to be abandoned.

Vaping is replacing cigarettes slowly but surely because vape bars are thriving and proliferating. Vaping enthusiasts usually gather there to socialize. Therefore, this habit is not associated with an activity that you will do if you get stressed and lonely. Cigarettes, on the other hand, are still strongly connected with depression.

Vaping Allows You to Test Your Creativity

puffing big vaporThe options for the e-juice are plenty. You can mix them with any flavors you want. And you can even add CBD (Cannabidiol) extracts for a more relaxing sensation. However, getting the right smoke consistency and taste will take some trials and errors first.

Second, you can make a performance with your vape. Vapors with the box mod can produce thick and ‘moldable’ smoke. You can control your exhalation in such a way that your smoke can resemble a shape. Even better, vapers who do tricks with their smoke are known as ‘cloud chasers.’ It is a pretty cool name, isn’t it?